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We've added lots of NEW goodies!
We've added lots of NEW goodies!

Grapat 12 Waldorf Rings for Perpetual Calendar


The Grapat 12 Waldorf Rings for Perpetual Calendar from Oskar's Wooden Ark is the perfect addition to your calendar. It is designed to be used with the Perpetual Calendar to display the day and month of the year in true Waldorf style. Having an annual calendar that is changeable and self-manipulative allows the child to touch the day and year and so understand the passage of time through experience. 

The Grapat 12 Waldorf Rings for Perpetual Calendar 12 colourful rings in rainbow colours. 

Recommended Age 12+ months

Casiana and Jordi, the founders of Grapat Wooden Toys are from a small town in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya who were inspired by how their daughter played when given the freedom to play with her natural every day surroundings. They believe that when the toy is somewhat seemingly simplistic and given without instructions, it encourages children to develop a more adventurous and complex activity with it.

Grapat toys are all handmade with love from almost all locally sourced materials and subject to nature making every piece unique. Every part of each toy has been considered from the dimensions of the toy, to the shape or form, the thickness of the wood and the colour.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Rings

I bought these as I only wanted a small set of rings to start. They have been used for counting, sorting, colour matching, threading, handles for silks, and so much more. Beautifully smooth and lightweight.


This was our first loose parts toy and there has been no looking back since. I love how many different ways these can be use. Only downside is they can be a bit rough on the inside of the ring so just watch out when threading silks

Lovely little set

Cute set I purchased to go with our grimms mushrooms.
12mth loves to hold, post, stack with them. Good size.
Great company and customer service.

Gorgeous product

Our first grapat order, we got the rings for miss 13 month old to hang on our wooden tree and thread. We will definitely be buying more grapat products


Beautiful! A lovely way to visually mark the progress of the year with our little one.

Perfect in combo with the perpetual calendar

We use these rings to show which month it is on our perpetual calendar. They have the typical beautiful grapat feel and look. These rings are stunning for open ended play too 😍

Amanda S
Great product

Bright, colourful and beautifully made pieces to entice the young and old to use their imagination and play! Love these 😍


I love the quality of this item. We've paired it with the Grapat perpetual calendar but the rings are also great 'loose parts' on their own.