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Grimm's Building Set Stairway launch - Monday, 22nd - 9.30 AM

Fagus Excavator

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The Fagus Excavator is one of the stars of Fagus' wooden toy range. Its clever design lets your child adjust the arm and bucket as well as rotate the cabin. This interactive wooden toy, that includes one wooden peg doll, is a must-have a for any construction site lover. The Fagus Excavator enables your child to create and be in charge of their own construction site at home making sure there is enough space for the foundation of houses, carparks, shopping centres or hospitals. Operating the Fagus Excavator helps develop coordination and fine motor skills and adds a whole lot of fun to your child's play space. 

Suitable extensions:

The Fagus Excavator comes with one Fagus Figure.

Made in Germany from beech wood. Awarded with the German "Spiel Gut" seal and certificate.

46 x 17 x 41 cm

Recommended Age: 3+ years

Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Choking hazard due to small parts.

Fagus toys are more than just toys. The word Fagus actually translates to the word beech in Latin, the raw natural material with which every Fagus item is created from and put together with — no nails, screws or staples are used at all. Each piece is individually interlocked, geared, dowelled or glued to another and finished with a non-toxic transparent lacquer so that the natural wooden structure is protected but still may be enjoyed and admired.

Fagus was founded in 1969 but it was only in 1981 that the production of wooden toys began. Every car, truck and tractor has been made in the workshop by people with disabilities under the instruction and guidance of specially trained professionals. Fagus is proud to support a community with special needs and is even recognised by the Federal Institute of Labour in Germany.

Fagus has a strong commitment to making the highest quality wooden toys in the world from only the most sustainable sources and practices. Fagus produce toys that not only will be enjoyed by children for many years to come but for generations too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Felix Robinson

Beautiful piece! Cant wait to gift to my son for Christmas!

Fagus Excavator

I bought this toy for my son as a Christmas gift. It is very high quality and well made. I thought the size of it would make it difficult for my 2 year old to manoeuvre but it is very practical and easy to use. The tracks do slip off easily, although I think that is because he plays with it in a way that is somewhat rough and has not yet grasped that if you push it a specific way with enough force they will slip off. With that said there are many other cheaper options of wooden excavator toys but I’m glad I chose the fagus excavator as it doesn’t have any strings to control the arm and bucket, looks more like an actual excavator and it really just seems a lot more sturdy for a young child, compared to videos and pictures of the other similar toys. When it comes to this toy I think you really get what you pay for and I’m very satisfied with the purchase and happy that I went with quality over quantity by purchasing this toy.

Kerry Vickers
Fagus Excavator

Amazing such a great toy. Highly recommend

Rhys Mckay
Mr 2 Digs It

My little one screams with excitement “digger” every time we pass a excavator. Gifted him this just after his birthday and he’s not one to usually get attached to toys but this one he is. He looks for it when he wakes up, he tries to take it to bed and spend much quality time usually lifting up cars inside the backet, spinning it around, moving the levers etc Beautifully built and very loved by mr 2. Worth every cent!