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Get $10 OFF when you subscribe to our mailing list

Oskar's Wooden Ark is turning 2 - Let's celebrate


We can't believe its only been two years. But its true.

30.04.2018 - After 5 months of preparing and setting up, hundreds of hours of work and countless late nights - I still remember it like it was yesterday. Like many nights in the last two years - I couldn’t sleep! We were both excited and nervous for what may or may not happen on our first day. Can you believe that we received an unbelievable 36 orders on our opening day? We just couldn’t believe it.

We moved to Australia in December 2017 and lived in a granny flat behind my brother-in-law‘s house that was about 30. There was a combined bed and living room, a tiny bathroom and most importantly a corner with an old desk as a packing bench as well as a couple of shelves for stock. My wife Thuy was pregnant with Klara, I couldn’t pack orders at night because Oskar was sleeping in the same room and stock started to close in on us as the days went on. We needed more space for our family as well as Oskar’s Wooden Ark and so we rented our first house together in Australia.

After many months of operating Oskar's Wooden Ark out of our double garage, finding space to store our ever growing amount of stock was slowly becoming a challenge in our small home. Another issue we were facing was time. There was just never enough hours in a day to be able to keep our customer service at the level we wanted so we hired our first employee, David to help us with this amongst other things. Then in July 2019 we signed a lease for our very first warehouse which was not only one of our proudest moments but one which gave us room to grow as a business to what we are today.

One of our main goals will be to always give you access to the best toys available so in 2019 we built a new path for Oskar’s Wooden Ark. We are currently the Australian distributor for the following quality brands; CLiCQUES; Erzi; Flockmen; Kaden Marble Runs; Kontu STEM Blocks; Mader Spinning Tops and SumBlox with more on the way and are already supplying more than 60 different retailers and toy shops across Australia with our wonderful brands. Thuy does a wonderful job looking after Oskar and Klara so I can run the business and while we still consider us as a small family business our team here at Oskar's Wooden Ark is growing fast in order to maintain our main goal which is to provide you with the best customer service possible.

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to make Oskar's Wooden Ark your favorite toy store in Australia. We are here for the longterm and our journey has only just begun.

Simon with Thuy, Oskar & Klara. 

BIG GIVEAWAY - Let's celebrate together

This week we just want to say THANK YOU for your support in our family business over the last 2 years. It’s been incredible to see how supportive you all have been. 

We have decided to GIVE AWAY 5 very meaningful prizes worth over 1000 AUD to five very lucky customers over the next five days! The 5 ALL TIME BEST SELLERS at Oskar's Wooden Ark in the last two years. To be in the running, all you need to do is place an order with us between Thursday 30th April and Monday, 4th May. Each of the five days, we will randomly select one order number, who will receive one of the following prizes:

Thursday, 30th April
Top 5 - Oskar's Wooden Ark - All time best seller
Flockmen Full Flock 32 pieces

Friday, 1st May
Top 4 - Oskar's Wooden Ark - All time best seller
MOOV Baby Pikler Folding Triangle

Saturday, 2nd May
Top 3 - Oskar's Wooden Ark - All time best seller
Wobbel Board Original with Felt Forest Green

Sunday, 3rd May
Top 2 - Oskar's Wooden Ark - All time best seller
Waytoplay Highway 24 pieces Way to Play

Monday, 4th May
Top 1 - Oskar's Wooden Ark - All time best seller
Grimm's Large Rainbow 12 pieces

Restock Schedule for the next 2 weeks

Tuesday, 28th April - 8 pm Adelaide time
Grapat Wooden Toys

Tuesday, 28th April - 8 pm Adelaide time
Ostheimer Wooden Toys (Castle Pieces)

Thursday, 30th April - 8 pm Adelaide time
Treasures from Jennifer

Thursday, 7th May - 8 pm Adelaide time
ERZI Wooden Playfood

In addition to all that we will be seeing a Magic Wood restock happening probably between 04.05. - 08.05 which will include the currently sold out Marble Trees. Another Grimm's restock towards end of May that will include some of the the new items 2020. We will be seeing a Drei Blaetter restock which will include a replenishment of the Cash Registers, Pencil Holders and Puzzles. A Verneuer restock of the highly anticipated Verneuer Wooden Walker Wagon with BrakeStockmar and Lyra is also due to arrive during the next two weeks as well as some sold out Glückskäfer items. We will be opening a PRE-ORDER for our Kaden Marble Runs in early May as soon our next order has been completed. Expected arrival of this shipment will be July.

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  • There is no minimum order amount needed. Every order from each day will go into each days draw. For example if you want your order to go into the draw for our Pikler Folding Triangle you need to place your order on Friday.
  • New LAYBY orders also count as one entry. We do not count payments towards existing LAYBY's.
  • You can place as many orders as you would like to but please note that
  • In order to run the Giveaway with the original intention we hope for your understanding that we want to avoid receiving hundreds of small orders or multiple orders from the very same customers each day so we will deactivate our COMBINE code from tomorrow and will reactivate it on Tuesday. We sadly also can't refund multiple paid shipping cost during these 5 days. It is very hard for our small team to admin these multiple orders, especially during a time when we receive a large amount of orders.