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Walachia Wooden ToysWalachia Wooden Toys was founded by Pavel Hrůza senior in the Czech Republic in 1991. His love for working with wood and his extensive experience in pedagogical and cottage work led him to the idea of creating beautiful wooden building sets. In 1994 his son, an engineer by trade and also named Pavel, joined the company and since then Pavel senior has solely been in charge of product development whereas his son has been taking care of the production and business side of the company. 

Walachia Wooden Toys focuses on creating educational toys that are long-lasting, high quality and sustainably made while safe for children to play with. All of the beech and pine timber that Walachia uses for their wooden building sets is sourced from forests within the Czech Republic.

Walachia Wooden Toys’ mission is to foster imagination and creativity by encouraging children to use their hands and minds. The Vario building sets teach children various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills through planning, designing, forward thinking and constructing. Patience, logical reasoning, fine motor skills and perseverance are also developed during the building process.

Each Vario building set contains beech logs of 15mm in diameter in various lengths with locks at the end which allow creating a great variety of buildings. The wooden logs and roof parts are easy to assemble and to dismantle. The Walachia Vario building sets are fun for the whole family and entertain children as well as adults for hours at a time.


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