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Take a further 20% off our sale section with code TAKEFURTHER20

Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Large 72 cm

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A Marble Sounding Tree is an excellent educational toy, helping children to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as auditory skills - of course, it is also wonderful fun.

Needing some still time - watch the calming effect the marble tree can have. Simply release a marble at the top of the tree and watch it roll down the leaves. As it touches each leaf a beautiful sound is created. Quite mesmerising.

Is there a difference between the Grunspecht and Magic Wood Marble Trees?
We have included a photo comparison for you, comparing the Grunspecht Rainbow Musical Marble Sound Tree Large and the  Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Large (left side). 

Did you know that the Grunspecht Marble Trees carry the Klangbaum trademark? This is the Grunspecht Marble Tree manufacturers guarantee that every marble tree adheres to the design principles of the original designer. Grunspecht Marble Trees are made in Germany using eco-harvested wood, non-toxic plant based dyes and are CE Certified. 

For an overview of the different Marble and Ball Runs available can be found in our blog post The Ultimate Marble Run Play Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Keely Barclay
Beautiful toy with a beautiful sound

I bought this for my 4yr old autistic son, whose interest in toys is limited sometimes - but he is currently fascinated with all things marbles and ball runs. I got this hoping it would spark that interest and keep his interest and encourage more play in him, and it has!!
He now is using paper towel inner tubes to roll the balls down and onto the top of the rainbow tree, he is using problem solving skills to work out how he can get all of the balls on it at once, it is something that he uses each day at least once.
It is a beautiful looking toy to have out on display constantly too, which just encourages play even more.
I got the grapat wooden balls to use with it, and the sound is beautiful of the wood on wood. The marbles that come with this sound lovely also, but for anyone getting a rainbow tree do yourself a favour and get some wooden balls to go on it - that wood on wood sound just can’t be beaten.

Marble Tree

The Marble tree is just beautiful, the craftmanship, the sound and keeps the kids entertained for hours. My 1yo has not stopped playing with it.

Brilliant and loved by everyone

I wanted one of these for over a year and I’m so glad I finally splurged. I did wonder if it would be more of a toy for me but both my boys (4.5 and almost two) love it, and play with it daily — even more than I had hoped. They love the sound of the marbles, and also the felt balls we roll down it too. Beautifully made and worth it.

Aimee Bald
Absolutely Gorgeous

After going to the open day, my four year old wouldn’t stop talking about the marble trees. Best thing he received this Christmas! Has been used all day, every day since, and absolutely gorgeous to look at & listen too.

Elli S
Oh how this piece is just beautiful

My 2 yr old automatically knows what to do with the marbles which came to me as a surprise as I watch him put marbles on the top of the tree and watch them roll down the beautiful coloured wooden pieces.

Brooke Toddler_Playspace
Tranquil and Mesmerizing

We bought this for our son's second birthday and are eagerly awaiting the day he can unwrap it and start playing. My husband and I had to test it out (of course) and we are so impressed with the quality of this toy. I purchased the Grapat wooden marbles as well, and the combination of those as well as the marbles that come with this make the most beautifully different sounds. Of course, this will be a highly supervised toy being that the recommended age is 36 months plus but I can see many family memories being made with this beauty.

Best toy ever!

I bought this for my 10 month old little boy who loves music/sound. It makes me so happy that he absolutely loves it, he gets mesmerised by the colours of the tree and the sound it makes.
I bought it with the 6 Pieces Rainbow Grapat Balls and they make the perfect pair!
I’m so glad I picked this toy as my little ones first Christmas gift!
Beautifully made and so unique!

Christine G.
Brilliant toy!

Our 20 month old son absolutely loves this and now plays with it on his own! The colours are beautiful, the sound when the marbles run down is lovely, and it's high enough for him to stand and play with. The quality is amazing.

Leanne McSweeney
Beautiful Marble Maze

I bought this for my boys first birthday.
He loves toys that hexane make noise with, so naturally we knew he would love it. He is obsessed with it.
It is beautifully made and is very sturdy.
Easily one of the best purchases I have made.
Love this.

Beautiful but flimsy

The tree spun on its base as soon as it arrived and after two weeks of using the tree, two of our leaves have fallen out. It’s still beautiful and our boys love it but just disappointed that it’s not as solid as you would think.