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Learn & Grow

Did you know that Coffs Harbour isn’t only the home of the Big Banana but also the home of Australia’s newest toy company Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles? Learn & Grow Toys was founded by Brianna, her brother Joshua and their father Allan in 2020. Their love for quality open-ended toys and their aim to create a wide range of beautiful and educational products brought them together. Brianna, Joshua and Allan all have different strengths and skill sets which allow them to focus on different parts of this successful business. While Brianna has a Bachelor of Primary Education, has many years of experience in teaching and knows the benefits of open-ended toys first hand, her brother Joshua is an Electrical Engineer by trade and in charge of product development. Due to his ability to communicate in Mandarin, he’s spent a lot of time overseas, working closely with the factories to ensure that all toys are not only beautiful but also functional and high quality. Brianna’s Dad Allan, who looks after the business side of the company, has years of experience in running a large organization which makes him the perfect partner and a great asset for Learn & Grown Toys.

Magnetic tiles and the magnetic ball run expansion are Learn & Grow Toys’ first products which have been created with lots of love and experience and under close supervision of the production process making sure children and parents get to play and learn with a high quality product. Building and creating with Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles fosters imagination and allows children to work on many skill sets in a playful way: STEM skills, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles are an open-ended toy which means they can be played with and explored in many different ways. They aren't bound to one form of play. Your children are in charge and they decide how to play with them. Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles can be used to build structures like castles, car ramps, ball runs, beds for dolls, etc and can add more fun to educational activities such as colour sorting, literacy and numeracy.


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