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Goldon Claves

by Goldon
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The Goldon Claves is a great percussion instrument for children as it is easy and fun to play as well as excellent for practicing hand eye coordination and bilateral hand control movements. Made out of beech wood which is known to be a durable as well as beautiful with its natural pale hue and darker grain, it's produces a bright clicking sound, perfect for keeping the beat in a crowd.

Made in Germany.

Dimensions: Please note there are 2 sizes available, 20 mm and 25 mm in diameter
Material: Beechwood

Goldon was founded back in 1936 and is still known today to be one of the leading companies around the world for professional grade musical instruments for children. Goldon instruments are not toys but actual musical instruments that can be played alongside a real band or orchestra. Made in Germany using high quality materials and finely tuned to play true notes just like any other musical instrument found on the market.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect product

Perfectly made, my son enjoys them so much. Went with the larger size because my toddler has large hands. Makes great sound.

Beautiful quality and a great sound!

We bought two pairs of claves for our son and they are beautiful. Lovely sound and such a simple thing, but he really enjoys them. Took me back to primary school music class!