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Sarah's Silks Starry Night


Sarah's Silks Starry Nights are finally available again. Sarah's Silks Starry Night is one of the most popular Silks because they will be used for anything you can imagine. They will be so well loved that you’ll want to have a basket full of them. Children use them as water for a sailboat, fire on the floor to cook, as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky and much more. 

Sarah's Silks Starry Night from Oskar's Wooden Ark are available in two sizes: 
- Playsilk 89cm x 89cm 
- Mini Playsilk 54cm x 54 cm  

Sarah's Silk Enchanted Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic, eco friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children aged 3 and older.

Sarah's Silks is based in California, US. As a family-owned company Sarah's Silks has been importing sustainably-produced, hand-woven silks from China for many years. Sarah sources her materials from a village near Suzhou. The workers - mostly women - generally work from home, weaving, dyeing, sewing, ironing the silk products. 

The dyes are non toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly and do not contain any heavy metals. Sarah's Silks offers quality silk and cotton playcloths in radiant colors that inspire open-ended play encouraging children to express themselves and the wonders of their imaginations. Children who develop inner creativity at an early age grow up to become inventive, resourceful adults with a greater depth of creative thinking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Starry silk

This mini silk is STUNNING. The perfect size for my 1yo and his new obsession of peek-a-boo. I can’t wait to see how he uses it over the coming years in new ways


I ordered for a friend but I may need to buy one for my son - stunning!

Starry night

This is a stunning silk, lovely to play with and pretend that you are under the night sky, full of magic, or tuck a doll into bed.


Gorgeous and much loved by the recipient- Oskars wooden ark are great to deal with.