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Our best stocking fillers

Our best stocking fillers

We love Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year. Seeing the excitement in our children's eyes and their happy faces counting down the days in December makes this time of the year extra special for us as well.

However, for us parents it can be quite overwhelming. There are so many toys around but which ones are the best? And then there's the Christmas stocking. Another thing to think about and fill with fun presents to keep the kids entertained before they get to open the bigger presents.

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Oskar's Wooden Ark stocks a big range of toys and resources and lots of them are perfect stocking fillers, too. We've just added a new collection to our website "Christmas Stocking Fillers" that includes a large variety of wonderful stocking fillers that are fun, high quality and last a long time. In this blog post we've split the toys into different categories to make it easier for you to search for the right toy for your children:


Play food
Spinning Tops and Toys
Arts and crafts
Small world
Pretend play
Vehicles and
Sets for sharing between your children and of course,
Christmas decorations.

Check out this fun video which includes a few more Christmas stocking filler ideas.

Play food

Let's start with play food. Our Erzi play food range contains many beautifully made wooden items that you would find in a fruit shop or supermarket. Each peach, pear and plum is made from solid beech wood that has been sourced from FSC certified suppliers and hand finished in natural colours, resulting in a product that looks more inviting to eat than the real item itself.

Feel invited to browse the whole Erzi range or check out the different categories if you are after a particular item: AssortmentsFruitsVegetablesGroceriesFood to CutNon Food

Spinning Tops and Toys

Klaus Mader, a very skilled carpenter with a love for handcrafted wooden toys, creates beautiful spinning tops as well as other fun toys in his small but mighty workshop in Austrian Alps.  Mader Spinning Tops are super popular among children and parents and we aren't surprised. These wonderful toys are mesmerising to watch and tickle everyone's ambition. Who can spin them fastest or the longest? Mader Spinning Tops come in different difficulty levels. If you're unsure how your kids can use them and why they are beneficial for your child's development, read our blog post "Play and Learn with Mader Spinning Tops". At the end you'll find a full list of all the spinning tops and their difficulty level.

Arts and crafts

Art supplies are always a favourite and drawing, painting and other craft activities keep children engaged for quite a while. Crafting is beneficial for children because it requires using your hands and your brain. Children automatically practise their fine motor skills but also use their imagination, creativity and forward thinking. Composing, planing and preparing are also involved depending on the activity and desired end result.

Our Kitpas range consists of many different products which all allow children be creative and imaginative. Our Kitpas Art Crayons have been a huge hit with many children across the country and can be used on different surfaces like paper, glass, windows and white boards. Our Kitpas bath crayons allow children to decorate tiles and the bath tub, how much fun is that?

1. Kitpas Medium Stick Crayons 12 Colours
2. Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk 12 Colours
3. Kitpas Crayons for Bath 3 Colours
4. Kitpas Reversible Panel A4 for Crayons


Goldon instruments are made in Germany using high quality materials and finely tuned to play true notes just like any other musical instrument found on the market. Children love music and learning about rhythm. Here are a few instruments that fit perfectly into your children's stockings and are fun for little ones to play and make music with.

1. Goldon Chicken Shaker
2. Goldon Tone Block with Beater
3. Goldon Triangle with Beater
4. Goldon Tambourine Headless

Small World

Most children love small world play because it allows them to create their own story lines or recreate stories they've heard. At Oskar's Wooden Ark we stock many different toys that can be used to create beautiful small worlds, from animals to play silks and peg dolls. Here are a few ideas that would make fun stocking fillers.

1. Sarah's Silks Mini Playsilks or Sarah's Silks Playsilks
2. Waytoplay Road to Recovery
3. BRIO Mechanical Turntable
4. Magic Wood Living Lounge Room Furniture Set

Pretend play

Pretend play or dramatic play helps your child understand the power of language as well as figure out social and emotional roles in life. This type of play also supports your child in developing problem solving abilities, communication skills, imagination and creativity and lots of other skills that we use on a daily basis.
Pretend play includes any make believe play, whether your child likes to cook in their play kitchen, sets up a shop or cares about their soft toys, they are all fantastic learning opportunities. In our category "pretend play" you can find many beautiful toys that encourage your children to use their imagination.


Adding a vehicle to your child's Christmas stocking will keep your child occupied for a quite some time while you're enjoying a few more minutes in bed or the last few sips of your morning coffee or tea. At Oskar's Wooden Ark we stock a large range of vehicles and if you are after some accessories to make your small world roads more realistic and fun, we've got you covered as well.

Sets to split and share

If you have multiple children and would like to add high quality toys to their stockings that last, have a look at the following sets. They can be split and shared for hours of fun.

Christmas decorations

Graupner’s wooden miniatures bring fun and joy to every family by combining tradition and craftsmanship with colourful and modern designs. Adding a new Christmas decoration to your children's stockings every year and letting your children hang it onto the Christmas tree is a wonderful tradition. 

We hope this blog post gave you some inspiration and ideas to create fun-filled Christmas stockings for your children. Have you organised the presents for your children's stockings yet? If so, what are you putting into them?

Wishing you a magical lead up to Christmas,

Jana and the OWA team 🎄

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