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The Ultimate Maileg Guide: Sizes, Comparisons & FAQs

What is Maileg?

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Sizing Guide: Bunnies and Rabbits

What's the difference between the Bunnies and Rabbits?

Generally (but not always), 'bunnies' refer to the girls, and 'rabbits' refer to the boys. Bunnies have their ears down, while the rabbits have their ears up. The ears account for some extra length in the rabbits. All measurements are taken from the tips of the ears to the feet (length) and arm span (width). Due to Maileg’s handmade nature, measurements are approximate. Please refer to the table below for a complete overview of the Bunnies and Rabbits sizing.

What sizes do you recommend for replicating a family?

Grapat Natural Rings lined up to form a ten frame
Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits Sizing Guide
Mailing Mice Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide: Houses and Furniture

What Maileg houses are available within the range?

What furniture is suited to each house/castle?

Are Maileg Mice, Bunnies, Rabbits and furniture compatible with other dollhouses?

If you want to incorporate Maileg elements into an existing or different branded dollhouse, you must consider the scale. Dollhouses come in a range of sizes/scales. 1:12 is a common scale and is generally the most widely available choice for young children. This sized dollhouse will generally feature doorways that are between 15-19cm tall and is ideal for the Maileg mouse family along with the My Rabbit, Micro Rabbit and Micro Bunny. Dollhouses that are scaled to 1:6 fit the Micro and Size One Rabbits and Bunnies well. Maileg furniture varies between 1:12 and 1:6 scale; their furniture sizing is unique to the brand and differs between each piece. This means that with a different house, some pieces of furniture would look exceptionally large, particularly in scale to the ceiling height.

Caring and Cleaning

How do I clean my Maileg Mice, Bunnies and Rabbits?

Can I get my Maileg Mice, Bunnies and Rabbit wet?

Starting Your Collection

Starting a Maileg Collection