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Easter with Oskar's Wooden Ark

Easter with Oskar's Wooden Ark

It's no secret that we love to celebrate - whether it's Christmas or birthdays, we take any chance we can get to create special memories for our children. Easter has always been a special occasion in my family. When I was a child my parents organised fun Easter egg hunts for me and my brother. Together we did lots of activities in the lead up to Easter - we blew out eggs, dyed and painted them and hung them on branches, which we had put in a vase, or on trees outside our house.

As most of you know, I grew up in Germany and due to the opposite seasons in the Northern hemisphere, we celebrate Easter in spring. There are lots of beautiful flowers which start blooming in spring and we always had a bunch of daffodils on our Easter table. Fun fact: In Germany we call daffodils "Osterglocken" which translates to "Easter bells".


Together with our great team of content creators we have organised a whole bunch of Easter related activities for you to enjoy, to be inspired and to create some fun Easter memories with your families at home. You can find them on our Easter inspiration page. We have also curated different Easter collections on our website in which you'll find all the products mentioned in this blog post and lots of other great gift ideas for Easter.

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Easter Baskets
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Easter Toys

Let's hide and find some Easter treasures

For children of all ages the Easter egg hunt is probably the most exciting part of the Easter weekend. Nothing beats finding little treasures and treats. Have you thought about what to hide and where to hide the surprises? Are you doing Easter egg hunts inside or outdoors? If you are looking for some options to avoid the sugar overload, here are some inspirations and ideas. 
🎥 by Jess @learnandbloom

Our Grapat Mandala Purple Eggs and Rainbow Eggs are the perfect substitute for chocolate eggs. They last a lot longer than chocolate eggs, don't melt and these loose parts can be used for many activities such as colour matching, counting as well as in small world and pretend play.

📸 by Kate @exploringlifetogether_

For this activity, Kate used:

Did you know that we also stock a surprise egg? The Mader Half Hollow Egg screws in half to reveal one side of the egg is hollow and can accommodate small toys and trinkets - a perfect alternative to chocolate eggs at Easter time, and something which can be used time and time again, becoming a meaningful family tradition to be passed on through the years. Check out our YouTube video to get some ideas of toys that fit into the Mader Half Hollow Egg.

📸 by Alex @ourcountrytale

The Easter egg hunt essential: The Easter basket

Easter baskets come in many different shapes and materials. When I started Oskar's Wooden Ark, I made a promise to myself that our store would only stock open-ended toys and resources that are beneficial for a child's development, are made from sustainable materials when possible and that the brands we stock focus on supporting their workers and aren't exploiting them. With Olli Ella we have found a brand that designs and creates beautiful baskets while supporting ethical production and using natural materials. 

Easter baskets can be given filled as a present or used for Easter egg hunts. Whatever the tradition in your family is, we think both traditions are very special and fun. We absolutely love adding playsilks to our Easter baskets. Not only does it look very cute, but a playsilk is nice and soft and protects Easter treasures but most importantly, it can also be reused in play.

📸 by Kelly

And if you are after some fun toys to fill your Easter baskets with, here are some suggestions:

Let's set up the Easter table together

I have very fond memories of setting up an Easter table together with my brother and my Mum. Collecting natural treasures outside and getting daffodils and branches from the market for our painted Easter eggs to be hung on was a lot of fun for my brother and me. As daffodils are not in season at Easter in Australia, we have to choose different flowers for our Easter table. We now also use our Grimm's celebration ring to decorate our table. Oskar and Klara love to add their own toys to the Easter table, too, which don't always match the occasion but I love that they add their own touch.

📸 by Kate @exploringlifetogether_ and

At Oskar's Wooden Ark we stock many different Easter and seasonal decorations and a lot of our toys can be used as decorative items as well. You can find them in our category "Easter decorations".

Let's craft some Easter decorations

By crafting Easter decorations together you can add a special handmade touch to your home. Children love to experiment and create and you can use these handmade decorations year after year and they will remind you of the fun times you've had together. A lot of parents enjoy some crafty me-time once the kids have gone to bed and this is a great way to clear the mind as well. Our content creators have come up with some fun activity ideas how to use our Kitpas Art Crayons. You can find them and lots more Easter inspiration and play ideas on our Easter inspiration page.

🎥 by Jess @learnandbloom

Our Kitpas range has become quite popular and we love seeing you and your children create with them. Whether you use them for beautiful window drawings or craft activities, knowing that our toys are enjoyed in your home makes us very happy. But our craft range doesn't only contain Kitpas Art Crayons, we also stock beautiful colourful pencils and watercolours.

📸 by Cina

Let's play and pretend

Play is all about fun and the Easter theme has so much potential for creating fun play activities. Have you seen our Easter page? Here you will find everything you need to recreate the following activities: 

1. Easter Bunny Keepy Uppy

Wrap a balloon with a playsilk, add a bunny face to it and try to throw and catch the Easter Bunny. Try not to let the Easter Bunny balloon touch the floor (📸 by Jess @learnandbloom).

2. Easter Breakfast Pretend Play

Set up an Easter breakfast table using all your Erzi playfood. Order soft or hard boiled eggs, pretend to boil the eggs in your play kitchen and use your spoon to crack it open. Get your children to pretty up the Easter table with some wooden rabbits, grass and other decorations (📸 by Jana @playroomstories).

3. Easter Small World Play

Easter Small World Play is super easy to set up. Some bunnies, some chicken and eggs and off you go. You can add sensory bases, play outside in the sand pit or on the lawn, use wooden animals or soft toys. When it comes to small world play, there is no right or wrong. Imagination and creativity are the only things you need to get started (📸 by Alex @ourcountrytale).

4. Easter Egg race

Grab some eggs (wooden eggs are less messy 😉) and a spoon for each child. Place the eggs in a basket and get your children to transfer them from the basket into another container at the other end of the race track using the spoon. Get the kids to work together or set up a race. Stop the time, write down how many eggs were dropped and for a bit more fun dress the kids up as Easter bunnies by creating bunny ears using playsilks (📸 by Jess @learnandbloom).

I hope you enjoyed our Easter blog post and got lots of inspiration how to entertain your children in the lead up to Easter. Make sure to check our Easter inspiration page every week for new content and more Easter ideas. Do you have any Easter traditions or favourite play activities that you do with your children? I'd love to hear them.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Easter,

Simon and the OWA team 




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